All You Need To Know About Key Duplication!

uplicating your keys can ensure you have a spare lying around in the event of an emergency. You may also need to duplicate a key to share with a roommate or family member for access to your. Is key duplication difficult? Let’s explore more about key duplication below!

When Do I Need A Key Duplicate?

When might you need to duplicate a key? If you have to jiggle the key around to make it work, or you find you have to do something like pull it partly out of the lock for it to turn, it’s time to duplicate your key. Keys can wear down over time, which is why a duplicate may be ideal. Also, you may want to have a spare key lying around in case you get locked out of your home or business!

How Long Does Key Duplication Take?

The actual act of key duplication is not a long wait. Usually, key duplication can take anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes.

How Does Key Duplication Work?

Locksmiths use a tool known as a key duplicator. They take your original key and put it on the side of the tool that holds a blade, while putting a blank key on the other side that holds an alignment tool. The tool helps to make sure both keys align to replicate exactly. Afterward, the key duplicator is turned on, both original and blank keys move horizontally, and the blade cuts into the blank key using your original key as a template. Then, the duplicate key is sanded for a smooth finish. Voila!

Can I Make A Copy Of A Copy?

When it comes to making a key duplicate, it’s always recommended to use the original key. You could technically use a copy to make a copy, but duplicating using a copy of a copy starts to present problems in matching the keys exactly.

Where Can I Get A Key Duplicated?

Though there are now self-serving key kiosks popping up in hardware stores and other locations, there is always a question of whether the keys will be carefully calibrated and work efficiently. Working with a professional locksmith to get a key duplicated ensures you get a professional duplication service done, and you can be confident the duplicate key will work and last you a long while!

Turn To A Professional Locksmith For Key Duplication!

Obtaining that duplicate key that is carefully crafted and built to last is easy when you work with a professional Hesperia locksmith or Victorville locksmith! Having a duplicate key can get you out of a number of sticky situations, as well as provide you with reassurance and ease that losing one key won’t be such a disastrous situation! Though there are many self-serving key duplicate kiosks to work with, nothing beats getting a key duplication service from a trained and certified locksmith. Don’t delay on getting this “key” service done today to save you future headaches and worries!


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