Do I Need To Repair Or Replace My Toilet?

Our toilets are very much needed in our home. When it comes to toilet problems, no one wants to wait to get them handled and have your toilet back in working order, stat. When can you tell whether you need to repair or replace your toilet? We’ll explore that right now!

Toilet Problems That Can Be Repaired

Your toilet is not flushing as it should, or maybe there is a massive overflow of water every time you flush. Though it seems like any issue can be a major one with your toilet, there are some that simply need a few repairs. Toilet problems that can be repaired include:


  • Overflowing toilet

An overflowing toilet bowl is not a problem to resolve. Oftentimes, clearing a clog that causes an overflowing toilet can simply take a few minutes with your plunger. More stubborn clogs or other reasons for an overflowing toilet may just require the expertise of a plumber.


  • Toilet won’t stop running

A constantly running toilet may become a cause for concern. However, this toilet issue is not one that you have to replace your toilet for. Repairing a running toilet may involve lowering the float arm if your toilet tank’s water level is too high, or replacing the toilet’s flapper seal.


  • Toilet leaks

Just like any other fixture in the home, a toilet is not safe from developing leaks. If your toilet has leaks, it may be in different areas, such as the nut behind the valve, the base, the supply line connection, and even worn out tank-to-bowl connections. Whatever the reason for a toilet leak may be, calling a professional plumber for the job can ensure your toilet is back and running!

When To Replace A Toilet

Toilets do have lifespans that run out. When your toilet is past the point of repair and simply needs to be replaced, it may be because of these reasons:


  • Constant clogging- A toilet that constantly clogs more than twice a week and the clogs seem random or odd, it is time to replace your toilet
  • Age- Older toilets are much more inefficient than newer models. An average toilet should last about 50 years, so being mindful of age can let you know when it’s time for a toilet replacement.
  • Too many repairs- Constantly repairing your toilet means it is better off being replaced, for your household efficiency and your budget!

For All Toilet Problems…

Whether you are looking to see if it is time to replace your toilet or it simply needs a few repairs, depend on a reliable plumber to get the job done. Plumbers have the expertise and equipment to provide your home the most efficient solutions.

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