Why Is My Toilet Sweating?

Our household toilets see a lot of action everyday. It’s no surprise that a toilet will often need a few repairs down the road. When your toilet starts to sweat, this may become a major cause of concern. Sweating occurs when moisture collects on the tank of your toilet, as well as drips to your bathroom floor, possibly causing damage. So if your toilet is sweating, does this mean you’re dealing with a leak? Read on to find out, as well as possible solutions!

Cause of Sweaty Toilet

Luckily for homeowners, a sweaty toilet isn’t usually connected to a leak. The condensation that forms on a toilet is often connected to an inconsistency in your bathroom’s temperature and the toilet tank itself. If the temperature of the water inside your toilet tank is vastly different from the temperature of your bathroom, then condensation will inevitably form on the tank, dripping throughout the toilet and reaching the bathroom floor. Spring and summer are the most common seasons for a sweaty toilet, and a humid bathroom will no doubt cause a sweaty toilet.

Solutions for that Sweaty Toilet

So now that we’ve figured out the leading cause for that sweaty toilet, what can you do? Luckily, there are a variety of solutions when it comes to easing that sweaty toilet. Your bathroom floors will be safe from possible damage! Solutions for a sweaty toilet include:


  • Taking care of bathroom humidity- Because your toilet’s sweat starts with a humid bathroom, the key may lie in making sure to combat bathroom humidity. Possible fixes include keeping the door open after showering, installing a fan in the bathroom, or setting up a dehumidifier.


  • Invest in an anti-sweat valve- An anti-sweat valve in the toilet can take care of a sweaty toilet tank by adding hot water to the toilet’s water line, which raises the temperature in the toilet to keep the tank and bowl heated. This valve is best installed by a plumbing professional.


  • Insulate your toilet- With an insulating kit, you can cover the toilet tank completely with a tank cover. This will prevent the hotter bathroom air from touching the surface of the tank, and keep condensation at bay.


  • Go with a low-flow toilet- If it’s time to replace your toilet anyway, consider purchasing a low-flow toilet. This type of toilet holds less water in the tank, which means less sweat production. A low-flow toilet also helps with water conservation!

Toilet Problems?

If that sweaty toilet is not going away, or you need a plumber in Hesperia to help install an anti-sweat in your toilet, call John’s Plumbing & Rooter Service! We will get to work on providing the most efficient solutions for a sweaty toilet, as well as providing further maintenance and repairs when needed! When your toilet is working as it should, your household runs much smoother. Sweat issues aren’t just for people, so don’t delay on finding the perfect solution for that stubborn sweaty toilet now!

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